How to Find Happiness with Meditation


There are an infinite number of references on and off line about the meaning of meditation and why meditate but in some ways they still leave us with a rather confused idea of the essential meaning of meditation.

A Path to Empowerment and Peace


Here I am again… This is just a little post to say hi, bring back to light my dear blog and introduce this new category about Meditation and Yoga … Soo much changed this year, really one of the most eventful years ever…

A new starting point…


HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK AFTER LOSING FOCUS ON YOUR LIFE GOALS AND CHALLENGE YOURSELF …A NEW STARTING POINT… It has been almost two months since I last wrote on this blog. To be honest, it has not been easy to start writing again, I’ve been staring at the laptop’s screen for half an […]

Change Bad Habits and Just Get Things Done (Updated)


My incredible adventure within a brand new lifestyle as an Affiliate Marketer pushed me to the essential need to change bad habits and get things done… …to make sure that the risk of falling off track would be minimum….

Self Esteem and Financial Freedom


Many People refer to self esteem as a measure of how they feel about themselves, and for so many people, it is very easy to lie to themselves and others and say ‘yes, I’m confident’ or yes, I have good/high self esteem… but understanding what self esteem means, is an important step to improving it….

Taking Decisions When Surrounded by An Hostile Reality


…We get trained from childhood to think about building a career but not about building a life so inspiring and amazing that it pushes you to continuously evolve and just simply be inspired…